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The company's main business is mechanical manufacturing and electronic fuel injection system development. We are dedicated to providing high-quality mechanical products and advanced electronic fuel injection system solutions to our customers. Here are our services:

Mechanical Manufacturing: With advanced production equipment and a skilled technical team, we can design, manufacture, and customize various types of mechanical products, including components, assemblies, and complete machines, according to customer requirements. We prioritize quality control to ensure that the products meet customer expectations.

Electronic Fuel Injection System Development: We focus on researching and developing electronic fuel injection system solutions, which are widely applied in automotive, marine, and construction machinery industries, among others. Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in system design, software development, performance optimization, etc., giving us a competitive edge. Our aim is to provide customers with efficient and reliable electronic fuel injection systems that meet their power output and environmental performance needs.

Technical Support and After-sales Service: We offer comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to our customers. Whether it's during project initiation or product usage, we provide prompt support and solutions. Our goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction and ensure they achieve optimal results when using our products and solutions.

In summary, as a professional enterprise specializing in mechanical manufacturing and electronic fuel injection system development, we continuously improve our technical capabilities and service standards to meet customer demands for high-quality products and solutions.

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After-sales Service

Design and develop diagnostic instrumen

Bluetooth diagnostic module

Remote diagnosis system

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On-purchase Service

Design and develop offline detection data acquisition system

Program writing device

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Pre-sales Service

Structure design of electronic injection system

Electrical wire design

Calibration capability

Testing capability